Saturday, February 5, 2011


Here I am
Directly in front of my davenport
If I was to rush
And not find enough reasons
I wouldn't find a pen
That actually worked
Not to just scribble
Jot down or mimick the velocity
But to put a lot of thought
And patiently instruct
So the mind can trust
All that matters
With the stimulus
And the pure incentive like passion's intuitive gut
For the words to come flowing graciously out
Sometimes it takes moments of leisure
To forget the pain
The gigantic strain
The world slain
Yes! the world in serious pain
It's in the understanding
The bareness
The closeness like kin
That one can forget; the past
Those lost beginnings
To be able to at least; admirably start again
Bravely enough
To pick a wild flower
On the path of nature; what a trend
A rivulet of pleasure
Securing one's path to mend
Life will consume you
Maroon you
Make you fie your feelings
If you don't celebrate life
With all your festive ingredients
So sit comfortably down a while
Chill the enemies tongue
In its tracks
Feel one's abundance strong
A moment of complete stature
Even in the event of the most forceful
Eeriest, damaging and determined wind
To want to
Giftedly; meaningfully silent
Almost wondering
Or is that
The vastness of your soulful being
For time will fade out
Listen to me
It will miraculously fade out
And seconds
Even poor minutes
And strange hours
Will have come
And now be; long gone
In the rotten remains
It'll be you
Yes! the simplest you
That is sad
Almost feuding with your sane
Because you're lost in heartfelt
Terrorising and agonising pain
Rude strength and deep sorrow again
Just for missing
That special
You know
Precious love one's, birthday
Or feeling stale; or slack
At the feeblest things
Maybe not having that first shot
Or at least second
At hearing
That new, number one song
At its champion spot
Time is our saviour
Our love
Our sweet behaviour
Why alter its rhythm
Or it's Mozart divine flow
With that noisy
That extremely summonsing sound
Of the today's
What do they call it?
Realistic pager
As cunning as it is
As disastrous
As the sound drowns
It's you
It's you always running
Running akwardly away
Pretending not to notice
The tears, the little voices
Of your love ones
In all that you
And they
Are incredibly missing
You are
Working, sweating, ill bleeding
The long hours
Of a once delightful day
Once a best friend
The loyalty, the accuracy
But now faced with a cruel truth
It's like you're becoming a fiend
More a fierce end
Slipping out
Of their hands
Out of their time
That was once considered
I'd like to say normal
But there's so much question in that word
But there you are
So invisible
Disappearing out
Of their demands
With your goodbye shouts
Your promises
That don't keep their initial stand
You the one now
Burning bridges tonight
With those striding fast steps
That won't stop hurrying
Flurrying, scurrying away
In a life you won't accept
Won't live with
Or masterly acknowledge
Or even give it
Or yourself; one ounce of respect
February 2nd 2011
Copyright Wendy Brady